May Newsletter



Deliverance Temple

May Newsletter



Birthdays: We are so grateful and thankful for any of you who are celebrating another year of life this month.


Special Announcements

1. We will continue with In Person and Online service both for Sunday Worship and Wednesday Evening Bible Study. We will be relaxing our mask policy to optional instead of required.


2. If you do not feel well or you are experiencing any symptoms we kindly ask that you would refrain from coming inside the building. We encourage you to either watch at home, or come but tune in from the parking lot.

3. Don’t Forget to use the app to rewatch or listen to any sermon again. 



Prov 12:1 NIV

Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but whoever hates correction is stupid.



1. Our appearance should enhance the image of Christ as an appropriate frame enhances a priceless painting.

2. The Grace of God is a shaft of light that can penetrate any darkness, illumine any heart, and brighten any life.

3. Jesus never rebukes us to tear us down but to build us up; when He reproves us, it’s to prove His Love.




Sunday Worship 11:00am May 1st – 29th 

Bible Study 11:00am/6:30pm May 4th – 25th

Communion Sunday  5/1

Pastor Andre in Michigan 5/1-6

Evening Bible Study In Person Only 5/4

Ansibert Graduation BSU arena 3:30pm 5/7

Happy Mother’s Day 5/8

 DT Staff Mtg 10:00am 5/15

Pastor Andre doing Ivy Tech invocation 5/21

Elect Lady Sunday 11am 5/29

( Tune into DT services from the parking lot using  94.1 fm.

Or watch online live on Facebook, Youtube, or Twitter 11:30am Sun and 6:30pm Wed)


Apostle’s Legacy

We continue to honor the Life and Legacy of

Bishop/Apostle H. Royce Mitchell

Let us Live like him. Learn from him.

Lead like him. Love like him.



The Peace We’re Seeking

If we but had the eyes to see
God’s face in every cloud,
If we but had the ears to hear
His voice above the crowd;
If we could feel his gentle touch
In every springtime breeze
And find a haven in His arms
Beneath sheltering, leafy trees…
If we could just lift up our hearts
Like flowers to the sun
And trust His loving promise
And pray, “Thy will be done,”
We’d find the peace we’re seeking,
The kind no man can give,
The peace that comes from knowing
He died so we might live!


Dear Heavenly Father. We honor, appreciate, and thank You for all that You’ve done.  We Praise You as the God that sits high and looks low. We know that the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. Therefore we call on You in prayer knowing that whosoever calls on Your name shall be saved. We thank You, that You hear us and have forgiven us of all our sins. We are expecting great things to continue to happen for the rest of 2022. We pray the blood of Jesus continues to protect us from all new variants of Covid-19.  We thank you for all the years we had our Apostle, and we thank You for the legacy he left and the impact he made on all of us.  We also plead the blood of Jesus over our youth in school as they prepare for summer break. We stand against all poverty, addiction, violence, and death in our church and city.  We continue to call our church a Cancer free zone. We pray for exponential ministry growth, as our services reach those of us who are in the building and those online. Continue to bless us in each service we have. We expect the Presence of God to be felt. We declare the Word of God to be taught unhindered, unchecked, and uninterrupted by any satanic or demonic forces. We declare souls will be saved, members will join,  disciples will be made, and lives will be impacted. We speak supernatural harvests for every giver, supporter, and tither. We Declare Wealth and Riches are in our houses; and we ask for the Holy Spirit’s guidance on how to best manage our money. We cancel satan’s plans in Jesus name and we release Spiritual, Emotional, Physical, and Financial breakthroughs for all of our members.  We ask that you would look on and touch any of our members or friends in the hospital. We speak Comfort, Peace, and Strength over our prison inmates; keep them healthy and safe. We also ask You to comfort families who are grieving and have suffered loss. We release Strength for our pastor and all our church leaders as they navigate us through the uncharted waters of this age. We are expecting Your best in our lives, as We Live Our Vision Everyday. In Jesus’ name, we pray Amen!

Special Thanks
To all the youth who blessed us in our resurrection program. Keep up the great work.