June Newsletter



Deliverance Temple

June Newsletter

720 East 2nd


Muncie IN 47302

Pastor Andre Mitchell




Apostle’s Legacy

We continue to honor the Life and Legacy of

Bishop/Apostle H. Royce Mitchell

Let us Live like him. Learn from him.

Lead like him. Love like him.


Birthdays: We are so grateful and thankful for any of you who are celebrating another year of life this month.


Special Announcements

1. Let us remember the start time of our services and work collectively on our punctuality. In other words “Be On Time”

2. One of the best things you can do for us is invite a friend. Or Tell someone about DT. Each one, Reach one.

3. We will be doing our annual summer sabbatical from June 29th – July 8th



Prov 17:13 ESV
If anyone returns evil for good, evil will not depart from his house. 



1. Insecurity, inadequacy, and lack of self worth can distract us from Gods purpose.


2. Regardless of how big and challenging your circumstances feel, always remember that God has an awesome plan for you.

3. When we persevere through each difficulty, our faith is tested and refined, reassuring us of our salvation.


Monthly Announcements

Sunday Worship 11:00am

June 4th, 11th18th, 25th

Bible Study 11:00am/6:30pm June 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th

(Evening Bible Study on 6/28 will be our last service until Sun July 9th) 

Communion Sun 11am 6/4

 DT Staff Mtg 10:00am 6/11

Muncie Children’s Museum Free Saturday 6/17

City Hope & DT Joint Service 11am 6/18

Happy Father’s Day 6/18

Juneteenth Monday 6/19

{Local Celebration on Saturday June 17th, 2023 2pm – 9pm McCulloch Park}

Concrete Rose Fundraising Banquet 7pm 6/24

( Tune into DT services from the parking lot using  94.1 fm.

Or watch online live on Facebook, Youtube, or Twitter 11:30am Sun and 6:30pm Wed)




Thank You Dad

Thank you for the laughter,
For the good times that we share,
Thanks for always listening,
For trying to be fair.
Thank you for your comfort,
When things are going bad,
Thank you for the shoulder,
To cry on when I’m sad.
This poem’s a reminder that
All my life through,
I’ll be thanking heaven
For a special dad like you.

Dear Heavenly Father. We honor, appreciate, and thank You for all that You’ve done.  We Praise You as the God that sits high and looks low. We know that the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. Therefore we call on You in prayer knowing that whosoever calls on Your name shall be saved. We Pray your Kingdom come and Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. We thank You, that You hear us and have forgiven us of all our sins. Your grace has made all things pertaining to life and godliness available to us, and we know You are perfecting that which concerns us. Therefore we cancel satan’s plans in Jesus name and we plead the blood of the Lamb over every aspect of our daily lives. 
We are expecting these 4 things to continue to happen for us 1. Healing 2. Deliverance 3. Miracles 4. Financial Breakthrough.  We stand against all poverty, addiction, violence, and death in our church and city.  We continue to call our church a Cancer free zone.  We ask You Jesus  for Your protection over our youth in school. Keep them safe, effective, and focused on their studies.
We thank you for all the years we had our Apostle, and we thank You for the legacy he left and the impact he made on all of us. Therefore, we expect exponential ministry growth, as our services reach those of us who are in the building and those online. Continue to bless us in each service we have. We expect the Presence of God to be felt. We declare the Word of God will be taught unhindered, unchecked, and uninterrupted by any satanic or demonic forces. We declare souls will be saved, disciples will be made, people will join, lives will be impacted,
and our reach will extend around the globe.
We speak supernatural harvests for every giver and supporter of this ministry. We Declare Wealth and Riches are in our houses; and we ask for the Holy Spirit’s guidance on how to best steward our money for God’s glory.   We ask that you would look on and touch any of our members or friends in the hospital. We ask that You would protect all of us who will be traveling this month. We speak Comfort, Peace, and Strength over our prison inmates; keep them healthy and safe. Bring them back home, when and if You see fit.
We ask You to comfort all families who are grieving and have suffered loss. Encourage them as they pick up the pieces and move forward, We release Strength for our pastor, staff, and all our church leaders. We are expecting Your best in our lives, as We Live Our Vision Everyday. Your Grace and Mercy has brought us this far, and we declare there is no turning back in us. In Jesus’ name, we pray Amen!


Special Thanks
To Lady Devon for organizing the Mother’s brunch last month