August Newsletter



Deliverance Temple

August Newsletter






Luke 1:37 KJV

For with God nothing shall be impossible.


Special Announcements

We have shifted our services to mandatory masks, we ask that you please comply as we navigate this uncharted territory together. Also, we are pleased to announce that our south parking lot and roundabout are in the process of being newly paved. This is a very costly project but it is long overdue. Anything you can give over and above your tithes for this project would be greatly appreciated and much needed.



You can find joy in the midst of brokenness, by staying connected to Christ.


You are not alone in your struggles, know that God is with you, watching over you continually.


My unfailing Love is your fuel, the best source of energy for you. Sincerely, your Father God.


Birthdays: We are so grateful and thankful that you are celebrating a birthday this month.


Apostle Sunday 11 am 8/2


DT Staff Mtg 10:00 am for 8/11


Communion Sunday 8/18


94.1 is still available to tune into DT service from the parking lot

(For all other announcements stay tuned to the DT Facebook Page for updates )


Apostle’s Itinerary

CCCC Mtg 4 pm 8/12

Naacp Mtg 6:00 pm 8/13

Bible Study 11am 8/5-26

In Detroit World Harvest Church 8/31-9/5



We’ll Get Through This

Lord, our troubles are so great, We don’t know what to do; The price of our iniquity is finally coming due.


The world is crumbling all about; No safe place can be found. Right is wrong, Wrong is right; The change is quite profound.

Lord, we need Your guiding light to lead us out of here; We’ll focus on Your Word, and prayer, to take away our fear.


Temptations of this dying world, we’ll rule out and let go;
Give our burdens all to you, shed all worldly woe.

That’s how we’ll get through this, Lord,
Fixed on heaven above,
Assured of Your Protection, Help, and Everlasting Love.


By Joanna Fuchs



Dear Heavenly Father. We honor, appreciate, and thank You for all you’ve done. We ask that you abundantly overflow us in this new decade according to Eph 3:20. We pray the blood of Jesus covers every one of us during the resurgence of the Covid-19 outbreak. We ask for special prayer and help for our own Faye Baxter as her and her family grieves the loss of their brother. We also pray for our elected officials that they would operate in wisdom during this time. We speak protection for all essential workers. We also pray against all poverty, addiction, violence, and death in our city as we battle this disease. We pray for ministry growth, as our services reach online audiences and have returned back inside the building. We plead the blood of Jesus against satan and we release Spiritual, Emotional, Physical, and Financial breakthroughs for all our members in this time of quarantine. We call our church a Coronavirus free zone. We release Strength for our pastor and all our church leaders as they navigate us through these uncharted waters. We Declare Wealth and Riches are in our houses and we ask for the Holy Spirit’s guidance as we receive stimulus checks, unemployment monies, and business grants and loans. We speak Comfort, Peace, and Strength over our prison inmates in any correctional facility they are at. Keep them healthy and safe from this virus. We expect souls to be saved, members to join, and disciples to be made through this crisis.  In Jesus’ name, we pray Amen!

Special Thanks

To all DT members who helped the Mitchells as they grieved the loss of their dear Mother Emma Bacon