September Newsletter



Deliverance Temple

September Newsletter




Birthdays: We are so grateful and thankful for any of you who are celebrating another year of life this month.


Special Announcements

1. Following the most recent cases of Covid in our Apostle and Elect Lady, as well as symptoms in some of the DT members; we will be closing the sanctuary and doing virtual only until  the last Sunday of the month Sept 26th.


2. Until then we will do Wednesday Evenings at 6:30pm online only and Sunday Mornings we will be online only at 11:30am.


3. Services can be viewed on the Deliverance Temple Facebook Page or on YouTube at Deliverance Temple Muncie. They will also be uploaded to the DT app after service is over.

4. As your pastor, at this time, I highly recommend everyone getting vaccinated. It can make the difference between just being sick, and being hospitalized. I believe in both prayer and medicine. I believe in both faith and wisdom.



Psalm 30:2 

LORD my God, I called to you for help, and you healed me.



1. Peace and fulfillment are the reward of those whose sole focus is to please the Lord.

2. We stand tallest and strongest on our knees.

3. Adversity is a bridge to a deeper relationship with God.




Evening Bible Study Virtual Only 6:30pm

Sept-  8th, 15th, & 22nd 

 We  will continue  in person and online gathering for Bible Study 9/29.

Afternoon Bible Study Dates are canceled at this time

Lady Devon Sunday 11:30am 9/5


 DT Staff Mtg Postponed for 9/12


Sunday 11:30am 9/12 & 9/19

online only service


Pastor Andre preaching in Dayton 6pm 9/18

4769 Free Pike Trotwood, Ohio

Communion Sunday 11am 9/26


( Tune into DT services from the parking lot using  94.1 fm.

If people want to still come and listen while we are closed they are welcome to utilize this service)


Apostle’s Itinerary

For Now Just Pray for a Speedy recovery and a safe return home some time this month.




Autumn brings to the soul relief,
as hot Summer days, slip to an end
God sent the season for weary hearts
to restore, repair and mend.
Unlike the Autumn trees,
that shed their changing leaves
God sent the season for failing hearts
to adhere, embrace and cleave.
Just as with the Autumn winds,
there comes a new refreshing rain
God sent the season for fraying hearts
to increase, grow and gain.
The Autumn sun is slow to climb,
and dips much earlier into the night
God sent the season for sleepy hearts
to rise, shine and awake in His light.
God gave to us the Autumn season,
so we could have a respite and rest
for it is the season for our beset souls
to see how much we are blessed!



Dear Heavenly Father. We honor, appreciate, and thank You for all you’ve done.  We are expecting great things to transpire for us the last half of 2021. We pray the blood of Jesus continues to heal us from all new variants of the Covid-19 pandemic.  We continue to plead the blood of Jesus over all our youth in school. We also pray against all poverty, addiction, violence, and death in our city.  We continue to call our church a Coronavirus free zone and a Cancer free zone. We pray for ministry growth, as our services continue to reach online audiences and continue to bless those of us who are inside the building. We speak supernatural harvests for every giver, supporter, and tither. We cancel satan’s plans in Jesus name and we release Spiritual, Emotional, Physical, and Financial breakthroughs for all of our members.  We ask you to comfort all the families who are grieving and all who have suffered loss. We release Strength for our pastor and all our church leaders as they navigate us through the uncharted waters of this decade. We Declare Wealth and Riches are in our houses; and we ask for the Holy Spirit’s guidance on where to Sow, Save, Invest, and Spend. We speak Comfort, Peace, and Strength over our prison inmates in any correctional facility they are in. Keep them healthy and safe. Finally, we expect souls to be saved, members to join, and disciples to be made throughout 2021. We are expecting Your best in our lives, as We Live Our Vision Everyday. In Jesus’ name, we pray Amen!

Special Thanks
To all the DT members who have been praying for Apostle and Elect Lady’s health