Tutorial on Giving to DT Online

Go to delivtemp.org and go to the giving section. Or you can just go to that section in the mobile app. If you have a Paypal account you can choose give by Paypal. For everyone else these are the steps.


1. You will see the option to Login or Register. If this is your first time using tap on register.

2. You will be asked to fill out an email address and a password. Then click on register again.

3. Now Login with the email and password you just created

4. Choose a dollar amount. Beside amount is a FOR section. This section has a drop down menu with five choices. Choice number one is tithes and offering. This is the most common choice but browse the other choices so you are familiar with them. (You can click add gift if you want to give again to a separate fund in the same transaction)

5. Then there is a section called Frequency. The first option is one time gift, but there are other options if you want your gift to automatically repeat. Click next.

6. You will fill out your name (and address if necessary) here

7. You will add either your check or debit card information here. Then click Give Now then OK and you are finished